About Us

LogoWizPro started when a group of graphic designers and web designers came to a conclusion. That conclusion was that logo design is time tedious, expensive, and consuming. When we established LogoWizPro, we had a thing in mind. Give businesses the opportunity and chance to design professional logos free of cost. Now crafting a free logo wasn't enough. It was not enough to set us apart from the competition. We took the decision to let you download the logo through this free logo maker online. Like anyone other in the world, we also have to make money, indeed! That is the reason why, we offer a paid alternative that lets you have much more of your logo within your budget range. Now go on and start designing your logo.LogoWizPro has assisted hundreds of thousands of small businesses and startups, from photographers to restaurants, generate their own professional logos and brand their services and products — all with a simple, fast and cheap branding solution. Get your brand recognition designed with our one-stop tool and invest your time in establishing the business instead.LogoWizPro was built by designers, with great knowledge of design business. Creating a logo in our free logo maker online, you can have the result of a high level, for price of lunch or lunch at cafe.